Thursday, June 6, 2013

FOR SALE: RAKET carting engine, New In Box

I dug up another engine, brand new, that I will never use.  So you are welcome to buy it on eBay!

It is a RAKET carting engine, imported from Europe somewhere.

It is setup for a propeller, and includes a redrive.  I believe this engine develops 13 HP, so it would be awesome for a nice cart or for a very, very, very light ultralight airplane.

I have never started it, and it is offered on eBay without reserve.

Sure looks like a nice little engine... too small of an engine for a Belite, that's for sure.

Our Terms and Conditions are:

1)  Offered NEW IN BOX, "As Is", believed to be in excellent condition, but without warranty.
2)  Price includes packing in the original cardboard box, but DOES NOT INCLUDE shipping expense.  Check with Kathy for UPS quotation to your location.  Check early!!!! in the bidding process.
3)  NO RESERVE.  :-)
4)  If you are the winning bidder, you must pay within 24 hours of auction close.
5)  Payment is by Paypal only. 

Opening bid:  $25
Reserve:  NONE
Buy it now:  $799  (WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL JUNE 19).
Crate Charge:  NONE
UPS Charge:  TBD, inquire

Raket Engine 

Raket Engine

Raket Engine redrive

Raket Engine muffler

Raket engine accessories

Raket Engine belt

Raket Engine

Raket Engine carb view

Raket engine flywheel

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