Saturday, April 6, 2013

What an ultralight airplane should look like!

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More photos of the Belite Burgundy Ultralight Aircraft, which even as I write this is being loaded on the truck to head to Sun N Fun!:

(more photos can be found here)

Belite climbs out
Belite Aircraft UltraCub climbs out.  Looks like nostalgic Cub.  :-)

Belite passes overhead
Belite ultralight airplane:  UltraCub passes overhead.

Belite head on
Head on profile of Belite ultralight airplane.

short final in an ultracub
Over the fence in an UltraCub from Belite!

almost directly overhead
Almost directly overhead in the burgundy Belite.

Taxiing for takeoff.

PPG in distance
Belite one pointer landing, PPG in distance.

short final in an ultracub from Belite
Short final in a Belite ultracub.  Sweet!

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