Monday, April 15, 2013

Paradise City photos of all sorts from Sun N Fun

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Below are some fun photos from Sun N Fun.  This proves that the new Paradise City had a lot of stuff happening!

Make sure you also look at the YOUTUBE VIDEOS of flying the pattern at Paradise City.

Click on any photo below; it will open on your computer in high resolution.  Enjoy!

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taken from a Belite UltraCub with a 4 stroke.
Paradise City is dead center of this photo.  Lots of activity there!

Taken from a Belite ultralight.
Paradise City runway top dead center.

Sun N Fun, photo taken from the Paradise City pattern.

Ultralight airplane.
A Belite Ultracub in front of a tree.

UltraCub from Belite, 4 stroke engine.

taken from a Belite Ultralight airplane.
Paradise City runway.

taken from a Belite Ultralight Aircraft.
Sun N Fun.

4 stroke engine
A Belite UltraCub!  With a 4 Stroke!

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that is a good looking plane