Monday, April 15, 2013

Flying the pattern at Sun N Fun -- video posted!

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I strapped a GoPro to my head and flew the pattern at Sun N Fun.

It shows takeoff, pattern, and landing, all just as I saw it.

I was flying our Burgundy II demo airplane with a 45HP four stroke motor.  I flew it a lot!

On Saturday, I was following the Just Super STOL and I had fun trying to match his landing lengths and takeoff rolls.  If any of you readers were there, how did I do??  :-)

As I was getting ready to takeoff one more time on Saturday, I looked down and noted that I had a flat tire!!  It was a good time to quit, so we called it a day and I taxied back.  I couldn't find any hole in the tire, perhaps I spun the tube and broke the stem when hitting the brakes hard (while showing off the short stop landing).

CLICK HERE for the youtube video with the camera strapped to my head.

CLICK HERE for the youtube video taken from the lift strut.

(Two different videos -- two different views!)

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