Saturday, April 20, 2013

Best deal in the world right now for a small airplane kit. Giveaway Multi Function aircraft instrument.

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I want to give you the new aircraft Multi Function Instrument from Belite.

Of course there is a catch!  You have to buy something else from Belite, as explained below.

The picture below shows it in the Multi Function Instrument.   Click anywhere on it to see the full resolution version on your computer:
Belite Ultralight Aircraft
Multi Function Instrument for Belite,  Free.  With a catch.
Here is the 'catch', or 'Terms and Conditions'.

1.  The Angle Of Attack is not included, but is an option ($700) to this free instrument.  For $700, you get the sensor, the vane, and the separate AOA computer that plugs into the back of this instrument.

2.  The unit includes an inclinometer as shown above.  You can upgrade to the Turn Coordinator for $150 more.

3.  A blank instrument panel is included, ALSO FREE.  This blank CNC cut panel has a custom cutout for the MultiFunction instrument and four 2.25" round cutouts.  The panel is supplied unpainted.  Here is the panel, as typically installed in a plane, with additional instruments:

Multi Function Instrument in Belite metal panel, free*.  *Check T&Cs.
from Belite Aircraft
Painted Blank Panel, part of free*. offer from Belite (supplied unpainted).  *Check T&Cs.
4.  You must buy our Belite UltraCub kit to receive the free MultiFunction Instrument.  The Belite UltraCub is also specially priced; normally $8500, it is priced at $6995 until May 15, 2013.  If you include the value of this instrument, it is about a $550 additional value.  So over $9 grand of Belite Stuff for $6.995 grand plus + shipping.  (Check with Kathy for your shipping quote).

With a little work, along with an engine, prop, etc..., you can make your kit look like this:

Belite UltraCub with 4 stroke 1/2VW engine.
In other words:  you get the Belite UltraCub kit, including the Turtledeck kit, along with a blank panel and this MultiFunction Instrument.  All for $6995 + shipping.  Best deal in the world right now for a small airplane kit.

5.  The Multi Function instrument is available ONLY as configured as shown.  It includes the airspeed indicator with the speed range set as shown; the inclinometer; the fuel gauge (compatible with capacitive or resistive senders), and the AGL altimeter.  The power switch has three settings:  Off, On/dim, On/bright.  The power switch has detents which prevent accidental powerdown.  The dim and bright refer the LED brightness.  Also included are 3 general purpose alarm LEDs.  All alarm LEDs are brilliant red when turned on.  They may be attached to anything:  when grounded, they turn on.  In our Burgundy demonstrator, one is attached to the engine oil pressure switch.

6.  We ran a similar promotion one year ago which was very successful.  This is even better:  the airplane has improved, engine options have improved, and the free instrument set is much better.  And a free metal panel is included.

7.  Like last year, we did not repeat this promotion after the deadline had ended.  This offer will terminate no later than May 15, 2013.

8.  You have to place a nonrefundable deposit of $2500 to get this offer.  You can schedule delivery of your kit for anytime later this year, but not later than Dec. 15, 2013, but the deposit is due on May 15.

9.  This offer is also available on Ready To Fly aircraft:  Just tell us that you want the free Multifunction Instrument upgrade for your RTF plane when you place your order.  Next delivery slot is open for August, 2013.  Check our website for pricing and model configurations.  Prices on our aircraft range from $15995 up to $40K (or more) and this offer is available on any configuration.  You must specify it to receive it.

10.  Just because the multi function unit includes an "AGL" altimeter does not preclude you from adding a conventional altimeter, such as our high resolution digital LCD unit.  It would install in any of the open 2.25" instrument holes.  For example:

Digital LCD altimeter from Belite.  $249.
11.  This offer may be withdrawn or changed at anytime without notice.

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