Friday, April 5, 2013

Belite UltraCub Detail Photos (AKA Burgundy II)

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Flew the Burgundy UltraCub II for the first time ever, yesterday.


Hit the power, plane got light and started flying too quickly.

Flew it with and without the turtledeck.

Looks just like a little cub.

Weighed it the morning before the flight:  278.8 pounds.  The legal max weight is 278.0, but we can remove a little and make it go under.  It includes a parachute, so FAR 103 says:  254 + 24 = 278 max weight.  Besides, we weighed it on two bathroom scales and mail scale.  At least the mail scale is accurate.  :-)

This is with the beefy, rumbly, reliable, good sounding, 4 stroke engine.

I have a cruise prop on, which is ridiculous.

Here's the pics:

(There are many more pics from this photo shoot on our flickr account.)

Ground view
Belite UltraCub looks pretty

cabin detail
Cabin detail on Belite Ultralight Airplane

4 stroke engine
Belite UltraCub flies over.  4 Stroke 1/2VW engine.

sunroof attach detail
Inside sunroof attach detail.

Landing an ultracub.  Turtledeck not yet installed.

panel view :-)
Panel view. 
Quarter rear view
Turtledeck on, Belite UltraCub

Sunroof attach detail
Sunroof attach detail overhead view

Rudder view
Rudder view

taking off!

Belite Ultralight Airplane Climbing out

quarter front view
I love this plane.

More windshield detail


Pete Zaitcev said...

I suppose an "easy" way to go around the weight limit is to offer it as S-LSA. Only half-joking here.

Larry Kinser said...

Wow, this is amazing. Have a safe and fun journey! LK