Monday, March 18, 2013

Tail Feather Construction, Part 2

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The construction of the horizontal stabilizer is very similar to the elevator construction, which we just finished in the last post.

Let's get going.  The ribs are glued to the main spar using 2216 adhesive; the "X" cross sections are glued to the ribs using high quality wood glue.  The front spar (from 1/2" aluminum tubing) has been given a mild bend to match the sweep angle.  The middle ribs have been glued together, along with a small wooden spacer.

Gluing up the horizontal stabilizer for a Belite ultralight airplane.
View from the front of the glue up process.
The bushing tubes are glued into the wooden support washers, which in turn are glued to the "X" brace using high quality wood glue.  (Some of our early production used a welded bushing tube on the spar; compensate accordingly.)
View of bushing tube with wooden washer on top and bottom of "X" brace.
Wooden washer and bushing near leading edge.
 Now glue the leading edge on using 2216 adhesive epoxy.

Gluing on the leading edge.

Detail of leading edge glue process.
 Using fiberglass cloth and epoxy, glue the leading and trailing edge in place over the "X" brace.

Fiberglassing the "X" brace in position.
After finishing this step, the strips of wood are glued over the trailing edge, and the wood balsa blocks are trimmed and glued on the ends.  Smooth and sand; finish with two coats of varnish to protect the wood.

That's it.   You're done.

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