Sunday, February 17, 2013

Floats!!! Amphibious Floats!!!

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Here's the first photos of our upcoming float offering for ultralight aircraft.

Constructed entirely of aluminum, these floats are designed to work with retractable wheels or as straight floats.

In other words, we're preparing to deliver an amphibious float, and therefore, an amphibious ultralight.  So cool.

The straight version will weigh less than 28 pounds.  (The FAA allows 30 pounds per float in FAR Part 103.)

It will be fun to announce the pricing, and also the full specs.  Here's the photos (the float is upside down...):

Wheel well takes shape.

Front skin is quite riveting.

Some parts still clecoed on.

Computer CNC machining makes for exacting fits.

Strength, lightweight, beauty.  And 7000 series aluminum alloys in critical places.

Easy building for folks who want to do it themselves.

Some of the bulkheads are sold.  Some aren't.

Before the skin goes on.


Anonymous said...


How about some pics of the retractable gear.

Editor said...

Why aluminum?

How about carbon fiber?

JimL said...

Any chance you'll bring a pair to Oshkosh???

Anonymous said...

Available in amphib at 1500 lbs?

Valeria said...

This is cool!