Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Belite Aluminum Ultralight Aircraft Cabin Construction, #7

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In our continuing series of aircraft construction articles, it's time for a photo review of the cabin assembly prior to covering.

Front Diagonal Support / Star Gusset area
Front view of cabin assembly.
View of Floor Pans, front assembly near firewall, first cross box.
Another view of floor pans and first cross box.
View of internal cabin assembly.  Baggage compartments on left side of photo.  Pivot location has been drilled and nylon 3/8" bushing is clearly (but barely) visible.
Lucky focuses on food.  Windshield support.
Cabin assembly from side.
Top gussets.
Nose of cabin assembly.
Top of cabin assembly.
Chance checks the weight of entire cabin assembly:  22.4 pounds
It is now time to cover the cabin assembly with dacron fabric.  Construction of the interior details of the cabin continues after you've covered the cabin assembly.

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