Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wing Build Update with wood ribs, Part 1

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The wing design with wood ribs has been tweaked.  Not all of the following is in the blueprint or latest assembly manual, so I thought you'd enjoy a construction update.  I'll be sparse on words but heavy on pictures.  Here goes:

Belite ultralight aircraft wood wing setup.  Nothing glued yet.  All locations marked on layup table.
Rear spar glued with Gorilla glue.  Use water mist and roll the glue in by twisting the spar.
After marking the location of ribs, remove front spar and scuff glue locations on spar.
Glue the front spar.
Glue on false ribs.  Note pre-made slotted wood spacers.
After front spar glue sets, slide wood spacers up.
Glue false spar to false ribs.  Use gorilla glue, moisture and twist the spar around.
Gather the parts for the anti-crush anti-warp assembly.  One set for each end of wing.   Note approximate length (24 3/4 inch)
Note spacing marks.  2 3/8" at each end; 5" spacing inbetween.
Fit tubing into notches.  May require some filing in the wood notches.
Use gorilla glue and some weight.  Let set.
Use high quality wood glue and clamp inside end rib. 
Repeat the anti-crush anti-warp process on each end of the wing.

More soon...

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