Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Velvet Dusk

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Dusk skies, velvet touches, calming winds, drought in Kansas.  Heat.  Cooler up higher.  Beautiful evening to get up and look around.

An evening to explore.  What is the earth saying tonight?

The field two miles to the east responded to the drought by having itself cut.

Farm in cornfield, a field being cut beyond.   Pictures taken from Belite ultralight aircraft.

Truck, combine, farming.  Responding to the drought by cutting the corn.

Under the wings of a Belite ultralight airplane.  Velvet dusk.

Sun setting.

Belite ultralight aircraft; position lights turned on.  This particular airplane also has strobes.

Drought and trees.  Picture taken from Belite ultralight airplane.

On the ground.  The sun sets.

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