Friday, July 13, 2012

more spy photos

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Ultracub from Belite

Ultracub from Belite:  ultralight airplane looks like J3 Cub

Ultracub from Belite

Tail Feathers on UltraCub

Ultracub from Belite:  Looks like Piper Cub

Ultralight Ultracub Aircraft from Belite


RiverRat said...

That is one beautiful airplane (ultralight just don't seem to do this machine justice!) well done! Perhaps you can bring one to the Arlington Fly-in next year so i can see one up close???

FlyDiver said...

I would have taken my to Arlington but between the UL area being nearly dead and an engine problem, it didn't happen. You are welcome to come down to Shelton and see one up close.

RiverRat said...

The UL area seemed better this year. I think LSA really helped, and you appeal to both LSA and ultralight I think.
Regardless it looks FANTASTIC!