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To:  C.S.R.
From:  Ace Industrial Spy Service, Bob Phillips, PI, acting SPECIAL AGENT
Re:   Belite's Product Improvements ----- TOP SECRET MEMO #5

Mr. C.S.R.:

I know you are eager to get more information on the developments in Wichita at Belite Aircraft.  Well, the bizarre events at Belite Aircraft continue.  While observing from under the cedar trees in the rear alley, I noticed the owners leaving in a big hurry -- the man (James Wiebe) holding his left hand and appearing to be in great pain, with his wife (Kathy) driving their vehicle and exiting the parking lot in a huge hurry.  Whatever the problem was, I did see him return the following day, albeit with a huge bandage on the thumb of his left hand.  More on that topic at the end of this TOP SECRET MEMO.

While reconnoitering on the south side of their facility, I noticed that the UltraCub which you've asked me to investigate had been pulled outside.  Without revealing myself, I took this picture:

Belite UltraCub?  Spy photo
Since no one was around, I was able to get several more close up shots from different angles.  Here they are:

Belite UltraCub, side view

Belite UltraCub, quartering rear view

It's clear that they are planning to paint the turtledeck and rudder, It also seems that they plan on installing polycarbonate lexan in the nostalgic cub rear moon windows.  Also, they certainly plan to cover the landing gear "A" gear with fabric as well.

I am positive that the engine on this particular plane is a MZ-201, with 45HP.  This is the same engine combination that provided extraordinary performance on one of their earlier planes (see background video HERE demonstrating takeoff performance).

I also was able to get a closeup photo of the rear turtledeck detail:

Detail of Belite's UltraCub
And it appears obvious that the entire piece has been designed for easy attachment and removal.

I was startled as their groundskeeper rolled into view.  Thankfully, he didn't see me.  I went back around the corner to the north end of their facility, and was shocked to see Belite's president (James Wiebe) come outside and discuss their UltraCub project with an unidentified individual.  While I was looking (carefully and surreptitiously) around the corner of the building, Wiebe removed the turtledeck and continued the discussion.  I took several photos:

James Wiebe (Belite President) holding UltraCub rear fairing

Mr. Wiebe discusses structure of UltraCub?

Mr. Wiebe with left hand thumb in bandage?!

Concerning my observation of the Wiebe's leaving in a rush, on the prior day:  While they were outside talking, I snuck into the building and observed a dried area of blood on the floor close to the table saw.  Perhaps these events and observations are related.  If I learn more, I will let you know.

P.S.:  While I was inside their shop, I noticed an amazing paint job on an airplane under construction, and I also noticed some amazing engineering on a wing design.  More information will be forthcoming as I have time to investigate.

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Anonymous said...

At least it looks like James is still intact, unlike me! Tablesaws are NOT very good at giving manicures, they tend to get a little over-zealous.