Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Industrial Espionage at Belite

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Following note found in Belite Parking lot:


To:  C.S.R.
From:  Ace Industrial Spy Service, Bob Phillips, PI, acting SPECIAL AGENT
Re:   Belite's Product Improvements ----- TOP SECRET MEMO #2

SIR:  I was able to take more spy photos of Belite's product development effort.  In particular, I observed their latest development:  a highly streamlined rear turtledeck for Belite's aircraft, which appears to make a Belite look like the best single seat nostalgic cub reproduction ever, and I overhead them mumbling about expected improvements in climb rate, speed, and fuel efficiency as a result of their innovation.

While their staff was out to lunch, I was able to closely examine the prototype structure, and I can confirm that it was built from CNC cut wood formers using five layer baltic birch 1/4" plywood and aircraft quality wood longerons.  It looks like they are making impressive use of their CAD / ShopBot to create a potentially inexpensive and attractive addition to their product line.

Rumor has it that a degreed aeronautical engineer has also entered his belief as to the expectations as to drag reductions.

Build quality of the prototype was excellent - world class.

While crouched outside their shop door, I heard them discuss the weight of this innovation -- only 5 1/2 pounds as shown.

They had left the structure to dry, after application of some sort of waterproofing spar varnish, and I had my opportunity to take the photos.  I hope you can appreciate the risk I have taken to get these photos to you.

They were constantly muttering something about it being called an UltraCub -- best ultralight ever.

I also saw some other innovations.  THREE MORE ultralight innovations in particular caught my eye, but I did not have the opportunity to take photos or the time to describe the other innovations in this report.  Hopefully soon.

P.S. -------  While taking these photos, I observed three of their employees methodically walking back and forth across the runway, dragging rakes and hoes.  Very very odd behaviour indeed.  I will attempt to gain an explanation, but I emphasize:  I have never seen such an odd thing before.  Whatever the explanation, it misses my mark at this time.


UltraCub rear structure -- Belite ultralight aircraft

UltraCub rear structure -- Belite ultralight aircraft

UltraCub rear structure -- wooden formers and longerons, Belite

UltraCub rear former being glued, clamp still in place

Amazing lines on UltraCub from Belite Aircraft

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Brian FitzGerald said...

The best improvement is one which combines form AND function. It looks like you are doing that with this update.
It can only serve to enhance the desirability of this flying machine. Onward and Upward.
Good job!