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Gross and Ugly Half VW Engine on eBay, NO RESERVE

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ebay listing for this item is HERE.

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I have five or six engine projects hanging around the shop which I have no interest in pursuing.  I also have a bunch of airplane 'junk' which I think will be quite valuable to the right people.  SO, it's time for some spring cleaning at Belite.  Over the next four weeks, I will be offering all of the engines and 'junk' on eBay.  Every auction will be without reserve!

Each auction will have individual terms and conditions.  Read each auction carefully.  If you are not interested, please pass the info on to your EAA chapter or friends. 

For this first auction, I am offering a slightly used half VW engine which I purchased nearly 3 years ago.  This engine is not appropriate for use on a Belite, because it only develops around 20 horsepower (?).  But it is a good engine for someone.  It is loaded with goodies and parts.  I was told it had 20 or 30 hours on it.  It is painted the most ugly shade of green I've ever seen.  It looks like Volkswagen got in an argument with John Deere, and very bad things happened (to the paint, not the engine).

1/2 VW engine for sale

The bore and stroke is 69 x 84mm.  It is a Type I engine.

One of my employees is a VW engine expert, and he tore it down and rebuilt it.  We've never started it, but it clearly will run.  Everything on the insides looked fine.  He mentioned one of the pushrod tubes needed to be replaced, I'll find out what he was talking about and post it on the eBay listing.

More info on the engine:

a.  Mikuni carbs
b.  VW/GM HEI (ignition)
c.  1/2VW case
d.  .050 over (crank bearing)
e.  1/2VW heads
f.  1992 Sentra ring gear, 11" diameter, 104 tooth
g.  Subaru starter
h.  Nippon-Denso alternator
i.  machined prop hub
k.  foam air filters are NOT INCLUDED - we stole them for another project

1.  We will charge a $50 for crating.  This is on top of the winning bid, unless you pick it up.

2.  If you pick it up (or if you live in Kansas), we MUST CHARGE Kansas sales tax.

3.  Shipping will be by quote via your requested carrier.  Do not assume anything.  Get a quote from Kathy before you win the auction.

4.  Crated weight is 170 pounds.

5.  You MUST, MUST, MUST pay for your winning bid within 24 hours of auction close.  As this is without reserve, if you do not pay, we WILL, WILL, WILL, contact the next bidder and inform them that they have won the auction.  No excuses.

6.  The ONLY accepted payment method is PAYPAL.  If you do not have a PAYPAL account, you may not bid.

7.  This engine is offered AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY or REPRESENTATION OF USE of any kind.

8.  We expect the eBay auction will go live sometime on Friday, April 6 at the latest.  I will add the link back here when that happens.

9.  The bidding starts at $25.  :-)  Including crating, that would be $75.

10.  We reserve the right to reject any bid or bidder.

11.  Good luck bidding!  May the odds be ever in your favor!

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

1/2vw engine for sale

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