Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brand New Simonini Engine for sale!

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The spring cleaning sale at Belite continues....

At Belite, we officially support a couple of different 2 stroke engines:  Hirth (German) and Compact Radial Engines (Canadian).  Another type of engine that we took a look at a long time ago was Simonini (Italian).   I decided not to support this engine type in the Belite.  I believe they are very popular for some other markets (for instance, Powered Para Gliders...).

So I am offeirng a brand new Simonini engine for sale.  I *think* it is a Simonini Mini 3, which you can read about here.  After I purchased it, we never started it up.  (Simoni makes several different engine models which look similar).

I'm offering it without reserve.  It will be a really great deal for someone.  I see that Simonini is offering this engine at the new price of $4144.

Starting bid is $25.  This engine will be posted for sale on eBay.

Simoni Engine for sale

Simonini Air Filter

Simonini Carburetor

Simononi exhaust manifold

Simonini motor mounts

Simonini Muffler mounts

Simonini Muffler

Simonini redrive

Simonini Muffler mount



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