Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weight of WoW ultralight airplane

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Day 2 at Sun N Fun:

Flying, showing instruments, talking to people, enjoying the weather.

Belite Ultralight Aircraft climbing out at Sun N Fun, Day 2

From the start of the takeoff, I could get to 300' altitude before the water tower turn.  With a 28HP engine.  Lots of people watching...   WoW.

Here's the estimated weight breakdown on the WoW plane:

1 Basic Airplane.   224.5
2 Carbon Fiber spar upgrade saves weight. -9.0
3 Metal Priming 0.9
4 Light Steel fuselage swap -3.5
5 Steel spring gear upgrade 2.2
6 Add electric start, wiring system, battery, battery box to base engine 6.5
7 Swap in Full Belite Instrumentation 0.0
8 Install Fuel Sender in fuel tank, wiring 0.6
9 550 pound Air Rocket Parachute - installed 17.0
10 Lightweight Lift Strut Swap - 2024 T3 -3.5
11 Upgraded Aluminum Fuel Tank 2.2
12 Complete Fuselage Fabric & Complete Paint 9.0

Subtotal 246.9

Other Options

1 Tip Lights 2.2
2 Spinner 0.8
3 Streamlined Lift Struts 6.0
4 Built Panel Bulkhead 2.2
5 Rear Fuselage Treatment 2.2
6 Heavy Elevator 3.0
7 Adjustable Elevator Trim 1.7
8 Adjustable Rudder Trim 0.6
9 Dots 2.0
10 Hydraulic Tip Brakes 2.0
11 Hoerner Tips 3.5

Total 273.1

I am so impressed with what this airplane's advancements has done for our aerodynamic performance.  WoW!

Belite ultralight airplane in cruise flight at Sun N Fun 2012

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