Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Northrock Business Park

It was close to lunch time, and I opened the door to my office ---

And saw a collection of people down the hallway, just outside of Senator Jerry Moran's office.  (The Senator and I are office neighbors.  One thin wall separates his staff personnel from my office/lab.


I heard passionate words; a variety of voices, and I noticed the head staffer standing in the hallway, listening patiently to a mixture of anger, confusion, persuasion, and distrust. 

45 minutes later, they were gone. 

It's early in the campaign season; I'm sure there will be more.

Random Observations:

1.  Why am I next to a Senator's office?  (A:  It's actually a great place to be.)

2.  Who was this group?  (A:  I'm pretty sure it was

3.  What does this have to with ultralight airplanes?  (A:  not much.)

4.  What does this have to do with "Fear and Loathing" (Hunter S. Thompson's famous novels/movie)? 
(A: Well, I was handed a button which said, simply, "Dream".  In some sense, "Fear and Loathing (the novel) was about a pursuit of the American dream.  And then there's "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail", also by Thompson.  Seemed like some convenient parallels.)

Fascination of flying like a bird

I've never just posted a link before.

But today, I make an exception.

Here is a video of a model airplane which flies *exactly* like a real bird.