Saturday, March 26, 2011

closeups of 4 stroke engine on Belite ultralight aircraft

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Belite Ultralight Aircraft (Tricycle Gear) with 4 Stroke Motor

We are now flying a Belite Trike with a 4 stroke engine.  You can see it at Sun N Fun!  Here's some more closeup pics of the Verner Motors 4 stroke engine, mounted on our Belite Ultralight Aircraft. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working so hard, with something to show for it (a 4 stroke engine too)

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We've been getting ready for Sun N Fun, and we're excited:  In addition to a ton of new avionics, and a major avionics announcement, we'll have a Belite Trike with a 4 stroke engine installed up front.  Yes, a tricycle gear ultralight aircraft with a reliable, quiet, fuel efficient four stroke!

Here's some photos of the 4 Stroke Belite Trike, taken during a test flight.  I've posted some further comments below the pics.

4 Stroke Ultralight Aircraft

Rolling into a crosswind at takeoff!

The photos were all taken by Gene Stratton, and they look superb.  The airplane (and attention to detail which we put into it) are also superb.  The paint job looks nearly liquid.

Here's some questions and answers:

1)  What kind of engine is it?  It's a two cylinder water cooled 4 stroke. It's from Verner Motors in Czechoslovakia, and it's a JCV 360.  I'll talk more about the engine in a future post, soon.

2)  What type of aircraft is it?  Why, it's a Belite Trike, featuring our new enhanced wingspan (26' 2") and enhanced wing area, thus improving climb and stall speed.  The paint job is Stewart Systems Cub Yellow, and it looks absolutely marvelous.  Please come see it at Sun N Fun!

3)  Is it available as a kit, or assembled, RTF?  Yes, both ways! 

4)  Is it quiet?  YES!

5)  Can it meet ultralight weight?  YES!  You have to build it with our carbon fiber spars and other weight saving options, but it will legally meet weight.

6)  Can it be built at a taildragger?  YES!  In fact, we had our sister aircraft featured on the front cover of Kitplanes in the April 2011 issue.

Here's a closeup of the engine.  You can see the water cooler and the oil cooler is hidden below.  I'll have more photos of the engine installation in a future post.

And yes, it will have a nice cowl on it at Sun N Fun.

See you at Sun N Fun!