Friday, December 9, 2011

Belite's Turn Coordinator: "More sensitive and more stable..."

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From one of our customers, we received this unsolicited testimonial concerning our Turn Coordinator and VSI:

Attached are two snapshots of my instrument panel "upgrade". The close-up shows the turn coordinator and the VSI (with an aux power port for my AdventurePilot 700/Skyradar kneeboard.)

I'm most impressed with the turn coordinator. It's both more sensitive and more stable than the analog instruments.

I've also tried using just the turn coordinator, VSI and the existing airspeed indicator as a "needle-ball-air speed" substitute, and it works very well.

I've also used the combination to fly the traditional two minute turn and I'm quite impressed.

Ted Jula, KTAN
N701TJ (Zenair CH-701, Rotax 912ULS)

Here's the photos he included of his installation:

Belite's Turn Coordinator and VSI used in experimental aircraft

Belite's Turn Coordinator and VSI used in experimental aircraft

Thanks, Ted, for your positive comments!  The Turn Coordinator is our best selling instrument, and you've helped explain why.

Our Turn Coordinator is priced at $200 SRP.  Compare our product's performance and price to any old fashioned electric unit!

You can buy it from our webstore, or from Aircraft Spruce, or from Wicks.

 -- James

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