Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photoshop, Mythbusters, Belite, Bears, Kari and Duct Tape

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My friends at Mythbusters production company kept telling me that I would probably have four weeks warning before the big episode aired.  I actually got two weeks and one day, and the notice didn't come from them, it came from someone who read the Mythbuster's website and inquired if the episode in question involved us.

Uh, yes!  it does!

Here's a link to a video which the MB gang talks about the myth, tested with a Belite aircraft.

And here's a link to the Discovery / Mythbuster programming schedule which discloses our upcoming episode.

Quoting the Discovery channel / Mythbuster schedule:

"Adam and Jamie test three viral videos featuring the extraordinary excavator: Can it really row a barge? Be used to go wakeboarding? Perform seemingly impossible feats of acrobatics? Then -- using only duct tape -- Kari, Grant, and Tory attempt to patch up a plane that's had an unfortunate encounter with a bear."

And now, I confess to some photoshop sleight of hand. 

Check out these two photos, one of which I previously posted, and tell me what the difference is:

Grant, James, Kari, Tory, Jennifer

Grant, James, Kari, Tory, Jennifer, and something else
The first photo was on my website.  The second photo is the original; I edited it to avoid letting the cat out of the bag too early (that our myth involved duct tape.)

Nashua 357 duct tape.  Accept no substitute!

I have many more photos which I will be posting after the episode airs on the 19th of October.  Including photos of Kari acting very beary.

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Dad2RED said...

The Duct tape rolls mysteriously disappears in the background.