Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mythbuster Duct Tape Airplane production photos

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It's time to reveal lots of production shots from Mythbusters and the Duct Tape Airplane, which is an ultralight aircraft from Belite Aircraft!

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The show aired last night.  Viewers responded by looking us up on the web and it crashed our website!  Now it's back up.

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Now, the definitive collection of pictures from the production of "Duct Tape Airplane" on Mythbusters, using a Belite Ultralight Aircraft:

Kari, Tory and Belite Ultralight Aircraft

Duncan and Belite Ultralight Aircraft

Duncan and Belite Ultralight Aircraft

Eric is Grizzly

Overflying Mythbuster crew in a Belite Ultralight Aircraft

Gene, James, Kari, Tory, Grant and Duct Tape Aircraft (Belite Ultralight Aircraft)

Grant and Tory work on Belite Ultralight Aircraft

Grant confirms myth on Duct Tape Airplane (Belite Ultralight Aircraft)

James and Jennifer in map room at Mythbusters

Kari Byron and Be

Kari Byron dancing with Belite Ultralight Aircraft in background

Kari, Grant, Tory and Duct Tape Airplane (Belite Ultralight Aircraft)

Kari Byron with sweet smile

Fuel, Kari Byron and Duct Tape Airplane (Belite Ultralight Aircraft)

Lauren (Director) with Mythbuster Trio and Benny (1st Camera)

Kari Byron with Belite Ultralight Aircraft

Kari Byron, Grant and Tori and Duct Tape Airplane (Belite Ultralight Aircraft)

Overflying the Mythbuster production group at New Jerusalem Airport in Belite Ultralight Aircraft

Another shot of the Mythbuster crew on the ground

Kari Byron enjoys the sunshine, Duct Tape Airplane and Grant

Tory:  Why so concerned?


Cobra 55 said...

I saw the photos of the Cub in Alaska and knew duct tape could do it. You just have to know where to fold it over the leading edges so the wind won't tear it off in flight!!
We used (400 mile per hour) duct tape to tape over the gun ports on our fighters to keep out bugs and debris.
Great stuff, sorry I missed the episode. Joseph L. Vogel, 1374444CFI

Trevor said...

That was a great episode! The plane looked good and the myth was great really fun to watch.

ORPO1 said...

One of my favorite Mythbuster shows.

Anonymous said...

In the USAF, the latch on the fuselage foot step door just below the canopy rail on the AT-38 was notorious for coming open in flight. Not uncommon to go out to pre-flight your jet and see that the crew chief had put a piece of duct tape over it to keep it from flapping open in the slip stream. Flew the jet on supoersonic mach runs many time (~1.2) and never had the tape edges peel up.