Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Bird Dog" Utralight Aircraft for sale

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We have another 4130 Chromaloy steel fuselage Belite aircraft available for near term delivery at a substantially discounted price.  It is available in a tricycle gear configuration for $15,100 or in a taildragger configuration for $13,900.

Details are important:

a. This aircraft is brand new, and includes a brand spanking new F33 Hirth engine with new prop.
b.  This aircraft is Ready To Fly.
c.  Rear fuselage covering NOT included.
d.  Only the wings are painted, and the color they've been painted is drab olive green --- aka military green.
e.  Tricycle version includes disc brakes.
f.  Taildragger version does not include brakes.
g.  Spring landing gear NOT included.  $400 option.
h.  Includes Polycarbonate windshield.
i.  Does NOT include engine cowling.  $350 option.
j.   If you would like it completely covered and completely painted, add $4000.
k.  Instruments include ASI, Inclinometer, AGL Altimeter, EGT/CHT, and tachometer.
l.  FAR Part 103 legal in either configuration.
m.  Approximate weight is 240 pounds in taildragger configuration, 252 pounds in trike config.
n.  Deposit of $2500 seals the deal.  Call Kathy @ 316 253 6746 if you are interested.
o.  Includes electric start on engine and battery.

These are pics which we delivered of an olive green airplane a while back.  It is exactly representative of this new offering, with full covering, paint:

Belite Tricycle Gear Ultralight Aircraft takes off

Belite Ultralight Aircraft taxis in



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