Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aluminum Plane: Real Flight Data Graph

One of the joys of this project is the performance of the product:  the aluminum plane rocks.

Here is a "GPS Essentials" flight data chart from a recent flight in Aluminum Plane #1:

Belite Ultralight Aircraft Performance Graph
I marked two locations with yellow dots.  The difference between these dots in time is about 3 minutes, and the altitude gain is (2070-1500) = 570 feet.  This is a calculated climb rate of 225 feet per minute.  With a forward airspeed of about 43 mph in the climb, the actual climb angle was about 5 degrees, and the deck angle was probably around 12 degrees.  Climb rate was NOT maximum.  (although it was probably close).  I weigh 200 pounds, plus some gas on board of course, and density altitude was about 3300 feet at ground elevation.

All this with a tiny 28hp engine.

You can also see some two pass runs, demonstrating cruise speed.  With the wind, ground speed averaged about 64mph and into the wind, ground speed was 47mph.  The average is 55.5 mph, once again, with a 28hp Hirth F33 engine.

Fun, fun, fun!

- James

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