Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rear aluminum fuselage assembly

Here's some photos showing the buildup of the rear of the fuselage in our aluminum ultralight airplane.  Most of the aluminum is 2024 series, but some is 6061.  The amount of labor to get to this picture is about 20 hours.  Still remaining is gusset work, along with a few odds & ends. 

I love clecos!

This is not hard work.  It is a blast to lay it out and have it look like an airplane within two days.

The rudder comes pre-welded, as shown in the photos.

I'm in this picture, but you can't see me.  I'm holding the board up from behind.

Gussets not shown.  The bottom wedge with all the clecos is actually 4 layers of aluminum.

I love the rear section of the fuse.

This bulkhead will have the nylon bearing block for the elevator push pull tube.

Gas tank platform.

One last look at the tail.

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