Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Northrock Business Park

It was close to lunch time, and I opened the door to my office ---

And saw a collection of people down the hallway, just outside of Senator Jerry Moran's office.  (The Senator and I are office neighbors.  One thin wall separates his staff personnel from my office/lab.


I heard passionate words; a variety of voices, and I noticed the head staffer standing in the hallway, listening patiently to a mixture of anger, confusion, persuasion, and distrust. 

45 minutes later, they were gone. 

It's early in the campaign season; I'm sure there will be more.

Random Observations:

1.  Why am I next to a Senator's office?  (A:  It's actually a great place to be.)

2.  Who was this group?  (A:  I'm pretty sure it was

3.  What does this have to with ultralight airplanes?  (A:  not much.)

4.  What does this have to do with "Fear and Loathing" (Hunter S. Thompson's famous novels/movie)? 
(A: Well, I was handed a button which said, simply, "Dream".  In some sense, "Fear and Loathing (the novel) was about a pursuit of the American dream.  And then there's "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail", also by Thompson.  Seemed like some convenient parallels.)


Anonymous said...

James. That is quite funny in some respects. And the preparations for 2012 are just beginning!

Lena said...

Wow, congrats on the Myth Busters! When is it scheduled to air?

Tell Kathy, Hello for me.