Friday, August 19, 2011

Broken Flaperon Repair

We just repaired our proto aluminum airplane.  We put triplers on the root flaperon riser, and we put a doubler on the opposite end flaperon riser.  We did this on both flaperons, left and right.

The doublers were reinforced with JB Weld (cleaned and roughed surfaces first) and the extra new pin bolt is a stainless 6-32 bolt with a locknut.

In the second photo, you can faintly see the crack on the original flaperon riser.

Here's the pics:

The original failed part is in the middle of the aluminum sandwich, above.

6-32 stainless bolt with washer.

Right wing riser with reinforcements.  This one wasn't cracked.

Outboard flaperon riser with doubler.  We reinforced both outboard left and right flaperon risers.

Inboard flaperon riser with triplers, JB Weld, and bolt (which will be trimmed).

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