Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Ultralight Airplane promotionally priced for $14,500

Too much to report to you.!

It's Oshkosh week, and Belite has *lots* of news throughout the week.  We'll take our news one chunk at a time; let's start this post with our aluminum ultralight aircraft.

We posted a great video of our new aluminum airplane flying.  We have the prototype of this aircraft at Oshkosh this week, so please come by our booth and see it.

You can see the video of the aluminum ultralight aircraft here on youtube.  We demonstrated it with a 45HP engine, but we will be selling it with our 28HP engine (expect great performance) and also the 50HP twin Hirth (expect unmatched performance).

Prices on this airplane start at $16,500, Ready To Fly.  (Our Oshkosh special promotional price is $14,500, but YOU MUST place a completed order with deposit postmarked by the end of August.)

This aircraft incorporates a bigger wing and a better tail design (compared with older Belites).  Also, in base configuration, it is UK SSDR compliant!

This airplane, in kit form, sans engine/prop/instruments/fuel tank, is $6800.  

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