Monday, June 13, 2011

More on Belite's Ultralight Aircraft Kit Pricing

My musings on our new Belite Ultralight Aircraft pricing a couple of days ago might be a little complicated to understand.  Here's what it boils down to:

Kit price is now $8000.  Wing kit is $1000 for two complete wings. Fuselage is $4000.  Everything else is $3000.  Total -- $8000. 

This includes a fully welded 4130 steel fuselage, along with a large number of newly designed aluminum CNC machined parts.  We're moving away (rapidly) from yesterday's old-fashioned 'ultralight aircraft', by providing an easily built design which emulates a larger aircraft in just about every manner possible.   And now, with our large amount of aluminum parts, our planes have production values which match far more expensive airplanes.

If you can weld, the tack welded price is just $6800.  As a result, a little used engine scrounging will get you a great brand new flying airplane for less than $10K. 

I got an interesting call from a potential customer who wanted to know if they could adapt our wing design to an older ultralight design.  This was based on their observations of what they discovered by looking inside their wing.  Our wing design locks the ribs around the spars -- it makes perfect sense and is easy to assemble.

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