Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fuel Tank Installation in Ultralight Aircraft

We've been using aluminum fuel tanks in our Belite for quite a while.  A challenge has been how to mount them.  After some experimentation, we've come up with the following technique for the lightest possible mounting technique.

We weld some two stubs on each side of the rear fuselage, which the tank will snug up and into.  The tank is then secured with lightweight stainless steel straps, with a small amount of rubber tubing acting as a chafe strip on each stud.  Hopefully all of this is clear by looking at the following pictures:

Rear View of Aluminum Fuel Tank in Ultralight Aircraft

View of Fuel tank from within cockpit (seat back removed)

Middle clamp around tank

Aluminum Fuel Tank in Ultralight Aircraft

It all works well and is very strong.  Three stainless steel straps, chafe bushings, and steel studs provide a lightweight fuel tank mount.


Anonymous said...

Use T-bolt clamps rather than grub screws. T-bolt clamps integrate plastic lock nuts and are not susceptible to metal expansion like grub screws. A few grams are worth not worrying about the gas tank shifting.

bali said...

Thank's for usefull information