Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitplanes publishes lengthy review and cover article on Belite

Finally, the Kitplanes article on Belite has been published!!!

They gave us the cover of the magazine!!!

Mark Cook wrote an editorial on us and on the rebirth of ultralights!!!

Ed Wischmeyer wrote an awesome article...  8 beautiful pages on our airplanes!!!

AOPA chief photographer Mike Fizer did all of the pictures, including ground and air to air!!!

Yeah, I'm kind of excited.

And I just sold a kit....   subscribers are receiving the new April issue right now.

You can buy the article by going here:


Anonymous said...

It would be fantastic if Kitplanes magazine allowed (or it could arranged for) you to post a .PDF of the article on your website. I've seen other mags allow this, but I guess Kitplanes does not?
P.S. Its a real nice writeup.

Anonymous said...

...Yes, it does exist...
There is a link to the article in PDF format on the belite home page: