Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Harley Up For Sale

We call this plane 'the Harley'.  Love the gorgeous orange and black!

Weighing in at 243 pounds, it's a beautiful ultralight.  We've got it flying with a MZ-34 engine with electric start.

Available for immediate delivery, it features our  Belite 254 design, with full fuselage fabric covering and bright orange paint.  The panel is 'steam gauge', and it is beautiful stained wood.  The wing has aluminum spars, and the lift struts are aluminum/carbon fiber.  The black powdercoating plays beautifully against the brilliant orange paint!  We've also added an aluminum engine cowling with bright chrome trim.

Priced at $24,995 + the following options:

Brakes -- $250
Steel Spring Gear -- $350
Electric Start -- $299
Full covering -- $1000
Full Paint -- $2950

FAF -- $29,844.

Pictures are below.  Enjoy!