Friday, July 30, 2010

Oshkosh Pics, once again

A few more pics from Oshkosh...  Earlier in the week, I was flying our Cub Yellow Trike.  What a blast!!  The plane is a FAR Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft.

Here is a short final onto the ultralight field:

Here's the view of the plane, with 'hover' mode engaged:

A couple of pics of the view from upstairs:

with a view looking towards the north part of the field.  Nice view!!

I'm exhausted.  Pilot briefings every morning are at 6:30am. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

At the Light Sport / Ultralight Field at Oshkosh

I was irritated that the red plane passed me, but grateful for the opportunity to take his picture.  He is seen in the above pic, turning to the right at Oshkosh.  Lots of planes in the air, all at the same time.  While waiting to take off, I snapped a series of pics.  Here they are:

A Hummel bird.

Here's a plane that I passed.  The pilot was having a good time, dropping his feet below the seat:

Here's a Legal Eagle, coming in to land.  Nice ultralights!
And a different Legal Eagle.
This guy was having a lot of fun!  Same plane that I passed.

And here's a nice shot of whole Oshkosh ultralight flying experience:

-- James

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Belite on Floats!

I gave a press conference and two forums today.  We rolled out a low cost Superlite, a new Trike variation, a couple of engine instruments, and a Belite on Floats!

The news conference was a great experience.  One of the reporters there, James Wynbrandt, wrote a great piece about Belite on EAA's website, and you can read it here.

The floats were developed by MukTuk floats of North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  You can find their website at

This float is MukTuk's latest design: they are a perfect match for our Belite Aircraft.

We are reopening another aspect of FAR Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft:  a weight exemption for float equipped aircraft.  The total aircraft weight for our Belite Superlite on floats is about 325 pounds.  We are well under the max FAA weight of 338 pounds.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Trike in Cub Yellow, looks gorgeous, flies fantastic

These pictures show our Belite Trike in vivid Cub Yellow paint.  This beautiful airplane is currently at Oshkosh.  Did I say it is gorgeous?  It is gorgeous.  The Hirth F33 engine provides great performance; cruise is faster than what I expected.  We loaded it up with options!  Carbon wing, aluminum wheels (not installed in this pic), spring landing gear. 

It will soon be offered for sale at about $34.5K.   Here it is taking off:

And here's one final pic for today, showing off the carbon fiber wings:

Weight is exactly 251 pounds, including aluminum wheels.

If you want this airplane, call me (phone numbers on website) or send me an email:  james AT

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Dragon Superlite

Our Superlite, winner of Sun N Fun 2010 Grand Champion Ultralight, is now at Airventure Oshkosh with an improved paint scheme and many improvements to the airplane.  I am now calling it the Black Dragon Superlite, and it is one very sharp and powerful airplane.  I've posted a new photo suite on Belite's Flickr account of the Black Dragon.

This particular aircraft currently has some small enhancements on it:

Vortex Generators (reduce stall speed)
Prop spinner (looks sharp)
Glove tray with drink holder (looks sharp, finally provides a place to hold that can of pop and GPS while flying around)
Electric trim (allows inflight elevator trimming, great safety feature and allows hands off photography)
Machined aluminum fittings

and I will be flying it at Oshkosh. 

Here's all of the other options on this particular plane and how it's priced:

# Comments Yes Price Ext.
1 Basic Airplane.  28HP engine.  Ready to fly!  Taildragger configuration. yes 24995 24995
2 Carbon Fiber wing upgrade saves weight. yes 2200 2200
4 Trailer kit (4 steel support struts) yes 250 250
5 Powdercoating yes 595 595
6 Lithium Polymer starter battery and charger yes 350 350
11 Disc brake set, installed yes 400 400
14 Steel spring gear upgrade yes 350 350
20 Fiberglass cowling yes 340 340
21 Larger Flaperons increase wing area by 2 feet. yes 200 200
24 SUPERLITE -- Swap to F33 Hirth Engine with recoil start yes 2760 2760
26 Delete the original wood panel and gauges. yes -500 -500
28 Belite Half Panel - 4 instruments, wired, installed yes 600 600
29 Install Fuel Sender in fuel tank, wiring yes 200 200
30 Electric Elevator trim yes 200 200
31 Aircraft 600 pound BRS Parachute - installed yes 3300 3300
32 Dragon Paint, installed  yes 4000 4000
33 Upgrade Cockpit to Carbon Fiber (floorboard; seatback; seatbottom) yes 400 400
34 Upgrade tail spring to fiberglass composite. yes 100 100


We also switched the BRS parachute out to a new Second Chantz parachute that uses compressed air instead of a ballistic rocket, and this reduces the price by $1000, so this loaded demonstrator airplane is offered at $39,740.

Second Chantz appears to have a great product, I love the idea of using compressed air ejection instead of a ballistic rocket!

I thoroughly enjoy flying this airplane.  If you are looking for the very finest Part 103 ultralight aircraft, you have found it.