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Ultralight Aircraft for sale: Belite Superlite Dragon


This post receives bazillions of hits for people looking to buy a Belite or other brand of ultralight aircraft.  This particular aircraft was sold a long time ago.  We're always making more... we've upgraded the design... we're now using four stroke engines... contact us to check current inventory or to discuss what exactly you want to buy.  Check out our "UltraCub", check out our four stroke engine options.  You can find our webpage at

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Here is the original post:

Ultralight Aircraft FOR SALE:  Belite Superlite Dragon

Winner – 2010 Sun N Fun Grand Champion Ultralight Aircraft

Featuring 50HP (derated to 38HP for FAR Part 103 compliance) engine, carbon fiber spars, chute, floats and much more…

Would be perfect aircraft for heavy pilot loads or high altitudes or float plane or anyone who wants the best ultralight.  It is offered on wheels or floats.

Equipment list:

Base Aircraft                    $24,995 (tons of basic features in the base aircraft)


Carbon Fiber Spars & Ribs                        2,200
Powdercoating                                              595
Machined Aluminum Disc Brakes                  400
Landing Gear Spring Gear Upgrade               350
Larger Flaperons                                           200
F23 50HP dual ignition engine upgrade       2,760
Upgrade to Belite Avionics instruments          100
Install fuel sender in fuel tank                          200
Recovery parachute, rated 550 pounds       2,300
Dragon paint scheme                                  4,000
Carbon Fiber Cockpit                                   400
Composite tail spring upgrade                        100
Vortex Generators                                         200
Float Kit Hardpoints                                     N/C

TOTAL ON WHEELS….                    $39,000

Floats                                                    $  3,995

TOTAL ON FLOATS …                    $42,995

This aircraft is superb in all respects.  It even comes on wheels or on floats, take your pick!  This plane has been seen flying by thousands of pilots.  It won the Sun N Fun Grand Champion Ultralight Aircraft award.

Call or email James if interested: or 316 393 5477.

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Features and equipment list given Ultralight Aircraft FOR SALE: Belite Superlite Dragon is very good and probably all will be in working conditions.