Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Saturday Breakfast Run

I enjoyed flying to Benton (Stearman Field) with Paul Fiebich for breakfast last Saturday.  Great time!  Here's some pics which Paul took of my yellow Belite Trike.  I'll post some pics of Paul's airplane soon too.

Belite Trike over nice house

Belite on short final

And here's a pic that Paul took while I flew overhead.  What was I doing?  How was he holding the camera?

Belite Fun Flying

After Paul left, I did a quick two way run with my GPS in order to verify cruise speed.  With a 28HP engine, this airplane trued at 56 mph.  I thoroughly enjoy this plane.  It's a very nice FAR Part 103 ultralight aircraft.

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Jack Fleetwood said...

Small world! I know Paul, at least through email. I flew an Airbike for several years. Sure was some fun flying.