Monday, July 26, 2010

Trike in Cub Yellow, looks gorgeous, flies fantastic

These pictures show our Belite Trike in vivid Cub Yellow paint.  This beautiful airplane is currently at Oshkosh.  Did I say it is gorgeous?  It is gorgeous.  The Hirth F33 engine provides great performance; cruise is faster than what I expected.  We loaded it up with options!  Carbon wing, aluminum wheels (not installed in this pic), spring landing gear. 

It will soon be offered for sale at about $34.5K.   Here it is taking off:

And here's one final pic for today, showing off the carbon fiber wings:

Weight is exactly 251 pounds, including aluminum wheels.

If you want this airplane, call me (phone numbers on website) or send me an email:  james AT

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Trevor said...

wow love the yellow I think it's the best color I've seen on the Belite!