Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Belite on Floats!

I gave a press conference and two forums today.  We rolled out a low cost Superlite, a new Trike variation, a couple of engine instruments, and a Belite on Floats!

The news conference was a great experience.  One of the reporters there, James Wynbrandt, wrote a great piece about Belite on EAA's website, and you can read it here.

The floats were developed by MukTuk floats of North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  You can find their website at www.ultralightfloats.com

This float is MukTuk's latest design: they are a perfect match for our Belite Aircraft.

We are reopening another aspect of FAR Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft:  a weight exemption for float equipped aircraft.  The total aircraft weight for our Belite Superlite on floats is about 325 pounds.  We are well under the max FAA weight of 338 pounds.

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