Monday, April 12, 2010

Details on the new Trike

Our four aircraft news announcements have been posted. Today, I'm going to add important details on the new redesigned Trike.

First of all, it's beautiful. Based on customer feedback, it's much nicer than our original Trike design. It's also less expensive. It's also more configurable --- you can easily convert it from Tricycle to Taildragger to Tricycle gear.... whatever you're feeling like.

We're bringing our Trike demo plane to Sun N Fun.

Here's the cost details for our demo plane:

Basic Taildragger model, Ready to Fly: $24995
Trike Package: $1500 (add to ANY kit or ANY RTF airplane)
Carbon Fiber Wings: $3100 (this is a reduced price, details in another post)
Engine Swap: $1600 (this swaps the MZ-34 for the MZ-201 45HP engine)
Propeller Swap: $600 (this swaps a Tennessee wood for a 3 blade composite)
Instrument Panel UPGRADE to NEW AVIONICS: $0

TOTAL $31795 as configured

A basic Trike starts at $26495, RTF. ($24995 + $1500 Trike Package)

OK, now you're probably wondering: what do you get in a Trike package??

Here's the answer:

-- front gear tube, prebent from 1 5/8 chromalloy steel
-- front gear brace, prewelded using chromalloy steel
-- left and right .190 prebent / machined aluminum gear arms
-- delrin nylon machined blocks (4 pieces)
-- bolts / nuts
-- front modifications to fuselage -- carrier tubes prewelded and brace patch prewelded;
-- main landing gear mods to fuselage -- horizontal and vertical
reinforcements to fuselage for new gear hardpoints
-- disc brake packages (2)
-- machined aluminum disc brake mounts (2)
-- disc brake cables
-- heel brake weldments

This means that you can change a Trike back to a Taildragger (you may have to make a new exhaust for this swap...)

We put carbon fiber wings on our demo plane, because the weight savings allowed us to use a bigger, heavier MZ-201 engine.

You'll notice in our flickr photos that the Trike also has our new instrument panel with our new Avionics that we designed!! This new panel weighs about 10 ounces with basic 4 instruments installed: EGT/CHT; Inclinometer; Air Speed; and AGL altimeter. The LED displays are brilliant and easy to see, even in direct daylight. The weight includes the metal panel, which is gorgeous, and the instruments.

The Trike is the first real ultralight that's also a real airplane.!!

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