Saturday, June 20, 2009

Belite Avionics / Instrument Panel Coming Along

We've gotten a lot done in the last couple of weeks.

Engine installation; test run; aircraft weight; cg analysis.

One of the things I'm most pleased with is our panel.

It's a really cool little panel -- everything you need; a little steam; a little digital. A gizmo dock for a Garmin 496.

I'd really appreciate feedback on the layout. We can move a few things around before our rollout next week; we may cut another panel prior to Oshkosh.

Switches are as follows: magneto on/kill; momentary starter (left side).
The four switches are: avionics power; nav lights; landing light; extra switch.

The demo unit has a MicroAir transceiver and a Becker transponder.

Note the fuel gauge as well! :-)

I think I'll add a voltmeter as well.

This panel was cut from birch plywood and will be stained and finished in the next few days.