Friday, May 5, 2006

James eats lunch

One of my associates emailed me the following picture of myself:

It looks like I enjoy a good plate of wings. Bon Appetit!

Thursday, May 4, 2006

First Post

New White Paper...

I recently posted a white paper which analyzes the reliability of storage enclosures. In a nutshell: RAID 5 and Mirrored RAIDs are exceedingly more reliable than stand alone drive systems. Please read the white paper. Please send your comments to me.


In other topics, I gave up flying commercial airlines nearly two years ago. Instead, I fly myself around the country in a Cessna T206H airplane. I attend trade shows and conferences; a typical trip might involve myself; another WiebeTech associate, some trade show equipment (perhaps a popup booth), signage, demonstration hardware, etc., all in the airplane. A frequent destination is Washington DC. My house is 5 minutes from the local airport which also is less than a mile from WiebeTech's corporate office.

My travel time from Wichita to Washington DC is 5 hours and 30 minutes; I do not have to go through any security lines nor stand in line at ticket counters. It's wonderful!

A schedule for flying myself...
  • Here's how it works with N206KJ (the registration number of my airplane):
  • Get up at 6:00AM; shower and throw bags in truck.
  • Leave house at 6:40AM.
  • Arrive at airport at 6:45AM (6:44 if I'm pushing it...)
  • Preflight inspect N206KJ; engine start at 7:00AM.
  • After taxi out and flight plan activation, in the air at 7:15AM.
  • Arrive Washington DC (DULLES) 1:45PM (includes one hour time change)
  • Rent car and depart airport by 2:15PM.
  • Thence to the hotel, or meeting, or conference, or trade show...

Compare that to the commercial airlines!
I'm thrilled to have left the airlines behind. And I've never yet lost a bag!